Thursday, January 29, 2009

Insane, got no brain.

As Sayde and I were walking out the door last night to go to Tae Kwon Do, I yelled to Lennie, "Peace Out, Yo!" Here is the conversation that followed:

Sayde: "Yeah! Peace Out, HO!"

Me: "No! Not Peace Out, HO. Peace Out, YO!"

Sayde: "Peace Out. YO HO!"

Me: "Close enough. You're insane in the membrane."

Sayde: "Yeah. I'm insane in the breadbrain."


This morning, on the way to Connor's preschool, I "jokingly" told Lennie he put too much Splenda in my coffee. This joke is only funny to me, since the day before, I "jokingly" told him he didn't put enough Splenda in my coffee. So, he "jokingly" told me that he was going to kill me. As I laughed and said, "That's not nice," a curious wee voice drifted towards us from the backseat, "Daddy? Why are you going to kill Mommy?"

Great. Good job, Lennie. I can only imagine what he told his teachers today at school.

The obvious solution? From now on, I'll just make my own damn coffee.

Me: "Hey Sayde, what's the Spanish word for beach?"

Sayde: "I don't know."

Me: "La Playa."

Sayde: "La Playa."

Me: "Connor," (who was standing next to me during the above conversation) "What's the Spanish word for beach?"

Connor: "Beacho."
Dr. Zibbs wrote a list of his favorite (and not so favorite) comedians, which got me thinking about this skit about Nursery Rhymes from Ricky Gervais. Everytime I start giggling, Lennie shakes his head in pity. I swear, if you laugh, I will not judge you.


Susan said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning...I still love seeing your blog name at the top of my scroll, knowing that you've just added a post. And by the way, those kiddos are mucho cute.

Jen said...

This was HILARIOUS!! I really need to find and watch this entire show. Thanks for the laughs.

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Christie said...

That was great! Love Ricky Gervais! Thanks for sharing! :) Your blog is great!

Life of Preston said...

Hope you really don't judge because I did laugh, quite a bit! Thanks for sharing!!

Dr Zibbs said...

Hey Katie, I just gave you a shout out - hope it brings you some traffic.

Casey said...

I love your kids, they say the best things. Peace Out, HO! We've trained Graham to say "DOOD!" but that's about all of the cool lingo he can spew as of yet. I hope Connor's school doesn't send someone to investigate a possible hit on Mommy.

Rikki said...

Holy cow y'all make some pretty babies!

Insane in the breadbrain - I love it!