Friday, January 16, 2009

The one where I humiliate myself

Remember way back about 10 days ago when I went insane? Sure you do, it was the day I vowed to post a picture of myself in a bikini on my blog. So much has happened on my short trip to certifiability. On the first week, I ran 52 and a half miles and dropped 5 pounds. OK, not too bad. Then the dreaded week two; so far, this second week, I've run 40 miles and lost a whopping 2 pounds. While normally, I'd be going ape shit over losing 7 lbs in 2 weeks, but after running all those fucking miles? Somehow 7 lbs seems like a cruel trick of nature.

*Ahem* Here's me straightening up and smacking myself upside the head.

While I didn't reach my goal of 10 pounds, I did however really increase my endurance. If you haven't ever noticed before, I can sometimes release a bit of anger from time to time. Normally, my blog is a nice little receptacle for that, but I also blow a lot of steam off on the treadmill. Usually, by the end of my run, I'm listening to hard core metal or watching ultra violent movies and thinking about how I could totally kill a lion with my bear hands if I had to protect my kids. That is, unless one of my children should make the mistake of walking in the room during the last few minutes of a run to tell me that the other one "Won't get out of my bedroom, even though I said to go play in your own room." Then my eyes roll back in my head and I start saying the strangest things, like, "GET OUT." But, I'm off on a tangent. I really did increase my endurance, and I'm sure that now I could easily kill any frail and toothless lions that try to attack my children, and then I could outrun the rest of the pride at super slow speeds over great distances.

So, even though I didn't quite make my goal, in fair assessment, I did alright. I give myself a B+ mostly for effort. And now it's time to pay the piper, here's that picture I promised you:

Oh darn. Something's wrong with my camera. Here, let me try again:

There we go.


Tobi said...

Hee hee. Good one.

Casey said...

Ha, nice workaround! Seven pounds kicks some serious ass and I'm impressed. Plus, you probably replaced a lot of fat with muscle so I suggest you DOUBLE the weight lost since you probably lost 14lbs of fat and GAINED 7lbs of muscle. See how that works?
You look great, even with those pesky children getting in the frame. Enjoy your trip!

Tracey said...

Alright...I was trying to figure out how I would slip my way out of that one had I actually had I lost my mind and said that I would post a picture of myself in a bikini.
I commend came up with a good one!
Have fun on your trip! Next time, take me with you. Please.

Susan said...

You really are hysterical. And creative! I LOVE the pics... So....congrats on the 7 pounds...seroiusly, you deserve an amazing vacation, so HAVE FUN!

Melissa said...

I L O V E I T hope you're having a blast on your trip!!

I'm Susana (OK, OK, so it's Sue-Lyn) said...

Kathleen, you crack me up. You look just like the hottie you were on Spring Break xx years ago!

I'm Susana (OK, OK, so it's Sue-Lyn) said...
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Rikki said...

wow - I am impressed and you look fabulous!

I'm going to have a cookie now.